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Roller blind

Can we get a made to measure roller blind with an uncoated fabric in excess height?
Yes, because the fabric can be rotated. In roller blind fabrics with patterns the pattern course is turned around.

Can a made to measure roller blind with coating get in excess width and height?
Yes, manufacturing feasibly but an across seam is put on 180-cm height. Here it comes by the seam holes to incidence of light and the material could bend at the side.

Can one get a roof window shade without type name?
Yes, we manufacture according to the sparse dimensions measured at the leading edge

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Pleated blind

How do I care for my pleats - or can I even wash them?
Pleated blinds can be wiped. You can as easily in the bath in lukewarm water with mild detergent swing back and forth. Then hang up wet.

Can a strained pleated blind be narrowed, and if so, how much does it cost?
Price on request.

I have cracked in a strained pleated blind the strings, what are the repair costs?
Price on request.

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Venetian blind

Can I order more than one DIY venetian blinds with guaranteed color match?
In the DIY program, the blinds are packed by machine, thus we can guarantee only one custom program color uniformity.

Can I get standard blinds also use the left hand side?
No, only in custom-made possible.

Can I pinch pleated blinds in a rebate?
Yes, only in custom-made possible.

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Vertical blind

Slats can be ordered individually?
Yes, only in custom-made program possible.

When a color change is it calculated?
A color change is always calculated per color, not per strip/slat.

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Curtain poles

From which length do I need with a curtain pole an interbearer?
It depends on the diameter of the pole, from 160 cm to 200 cm an interbearer is put.

What is the length specification applies when ordering a curtain pole?
The length always refers to the pole length, without finials.

Can curtain poles be bent?
Basically can be bent steel pipes, high-grade steel-raw and brass pipes from diameter 8 - 20 mms. Special radii for the different curtain poles available on request.

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Curtain rail

What is a curtain rail two-run with overflow?
The curtain rail exists of 3 runs and the 1st and 2-nd run owns a lower run distance, e.g., for the side scarfs which are not decorated about the whole width.

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